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Advanced Grammar

If you have ever spent half an hour researching whether email can be used as a verb (and whether it has a hyphen); if you fondly remember diagramming sentences in school; if you took our complete review of grammar course and want still more—this session is for you.

Whether you are a grammar stickler or just someone who cares about the English language, these two days of delving into the finer points, the inner structures, and the logic behind grammar will be a fun and energizing time.

Bring your problem sentences, your pet peeves, and your favorite grammar reference book. We will—

  • Discuss philosophies about grammar,
  • Explore the origins of grammar rules and the case against “rule-based” grammar
  • Review grammar concepts
  • Practice identifying types of phrases and clauses
  • Diagram sentences two ways
  • Examine particles, determiners, interrupters, and other useful ways to describe grammatical elements
  • Examine the difference between an absolute phrase and a descriptive one
  • Disarm grammar hot buttons
  • Research and put to rest old questions—but possibly leave with new ones


Two days, 12 hours of instruction 

Custom classes available