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Editing and Proofreading

Introduction to Copyediting

The core job of editing is copyediting: correcting text for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and consistency. In this workshop, you will learn to define the scope of copyediting, detect and correct common writing errors, use standard rules of punctuation, and apply a consistent editorial style. In addition, you will learn seven specific ways to make writing more clear and concise. Read more...

Substantive Editing

From factual accuracy to matters of style; from length and level of detail to whether a particular comma belongs there; substantive editing covers it all. In this class you will learn a systematic approach to reviewing the substance and editing the content of documents. Read more...


Are you a design professional who has been asked to do more proofreading and quality control? Or a writer/editor who needs to improve proofreading skills? Our class gives you the specific techniques you need to get up to speed. We give you tried and true methods that professional proofreaders use to quickly locate and correct errors, find errors others might overlook, define your proofreading goals, and reach new standards of professionalism. Includes a quick review of some of the most common grammatical errors. Read more...

Quality Control

More than just that final check to make sure everything is copacetic, quality control encompasses the whole production process of a document or a publication. Checkpoints, double-checks, and best practices all work together to help you get closer to that ever-elusive goal of perfection.

Mastering Track Changes in Microsoft Word

Why do my tracked changes keep coming back when I think I have finalized them? How can I track multiple reviewers on the same document? Why is my name not showing on my tracked changes? These questions and many more will be answered once and for all in this quick afternoon class. Read more...

Editing with Acrobat

Take one afternoon out of your busy schedule to learn how to use Acrobat for document review, and you will save days of work and delays in the future. This course takes you from the basics through using Acrobat to organize, evaluate, and summarize comments. Read more...

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