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Are you a design professional who has been asked to do more proofreading and quality control? Or a writer/editor who needs to improve proofreading skills? Our class gives you the specific techniques you need to get up to speed.

We give you tried and true methods that professional proofreaders use to quickly locate and correct errors, find errors others might overlook, define your proofreading goals, and reach new standards of professionalism. Includes a quick review of some of the most common grammatical errors.  

  • Introduction to Proofreading 
  • Understanding Your Level of Authority 
  • Using Standard Proofreading Marks 
  • Choosing the Right Method of Proofreading 
  • Comparison Proofreading
  • Team Proofreading
  • Non-Comparison, or Standard Proofreading
  • Looking for Spelling and Consistency Errors 
  • Watching for Common Grammar Errors 
  • Developing a Proofreading Checklist 
  • Putting it All Together 


This one-day workshop offers 6 hours of instruction.