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Effective Writing

For Business and Government

Clear, logical, and persuasive writing is essential in business and government. Writing effectively means more than just writing correctly. It means developing a sensitivity to the reader’s needs, an awareness of the purpose of a specific communication, and the ability to order ideas and word them for maximum impact and clarity.

Our effective writing classes can be tailored to a range of specific writing situations. We teach all levels, from managers and directors, to analysts and policy writers, to administrative staff. Contact us to have a class customized to your needs.

Specific Course Goals

  • ​Analyze the purpose and scope of a particular writing situation 
  • Assess the needs and knowledge of the intended readers 
  • Plan and organize content
  • Adapt the writing to the situation

  • Develop unified, coherent paragraphs

  • Coordinate and subordinate ideas so that their relationship is clear
  • Write sentences free of awkward constructions

  • Vary sentence structure to increase reader interest

  • Write concisely

  • Use concrete rather than abstract words

  • Prefer the active voice

  • Use plain language

  • Recognize and correct common errors in grammar and punctuation
  • Offer constructive criticism of the writing of others
  • Accept the constructive criticism of reviewers


18 hours of instruction 
Six 3-hour sessions, or a customized schedule. Can be shortened.

Offered online or onsite.

Contact us to schedule.