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Writing Step-by-Step Instructions for eLearning

Congratulations! You've been selected to write the user manual for your company’s next big software release. And following that, you've been invited to write the script for the company’s Employee Benefits portal and eLearning lessons. What's that you say? It’s been a while since you had to write at such a granular level? Maybe you think your writing could be better? Or perhaps, like many tasked with writing training materials and scripts or user documentation, writing qualifies as "other duties as assigned."

This live, interactive writing course is designed for you. Think of it as an intensive retreat that will give you the jump-start you need to create clear, concise step-by-step instructions that can become part of effective documentation, printed instructions, or eLearning scripts.

This intensive course delivers instruction and practical experience on critical topics including the following:

  • the writing process and structure

  • identifying and thinking like your audience

  • facilitating the conversation between SME’s and the reader

  • writing clear learning objectives

  • promoting the “WOW” factor

  • creating your in-house style guide for terminology

  • keeping "the voice" active, accurate... and short

  • avoiding common grammar mistakes

  • identifying and eliminating deadwood

  • writing step-by-step procedures that make the most of the learner's time and effort

  • writing narratives that will "hook" your audience

  • using script-writing formats and storyboards


This one-day workshop offers 6 hours of instruction.