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Writing Voiceover Scripts

For eLearning

You can write step-by-step instructions like a pro, but now you have been asked to create voiceover narratives for eLearning scripts. Suddenly you must break out of the concise and factual focus of instructional writing and create text that engages and motivates the learner.

In this interactive class you will learn to define the appropriate voice and tone for a narrative text and take specific steps to create the engaging and personable writing style that voiceover narratives require.

During the class you will:

  • Define your audience
  • Establish the appropriate voice, tone, and vocabulary for that audience
  • Learn the specific verbal techniques that create your intended voice and tone
  • Write an introductory narrative using the principals of adult learning
  • Discuss how to skate the fine line between engaging and cheesy
  • Learn three specific writing styles that will directly engage the learner
  • Use realistic scenarios to contextualize the onscreen lesson
  • Practice writing voiceover scripts with our planned examples, or, if you choose, work with an actual project of your own


This one-day workshop offers 6 hours of instruction.